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New D-F Model CKF61100 1m (40) Dia. Swing x 5m & 8m (200 & 320) CNC Flat Bed Lathes


Item: 1012WW-AE New D-F Model CKF61100 1m (40) Dia. Swing x 5m & 8m (200 & 320) CNC Flat Bed Lathes 1, Specifications ITEM CKF61100CKF61125 Max. Diameter of workpiece over bed1000mm1250mm Max. Diameter of workpiece over carriage630mm830mm Max. Length of workpiece5000mm/8000mm Spindle bore100mm Width of bed 755mm Max. Travel of carriage in Z/X axisZ Axis 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm 5000mm 8000mm X Axis 550mmZ Axis1500mm 2000mm 3000mm 5000mm 8000mm X Axis 715mm Spindle speed range2~20r/min 3~40r/min 10~150r/min 20~300r/min Turret4 position electric turret(Op: 6 position) Turret repeatability accuracy0.005mm Tail stock taper bore 160mm/Morse 6 Feed pulse equivalence Z/XX axis 0.001mm (Diameter) Rapid feed speedX/Z axis 6000mm/min Positioning accuracy X axis 0.03mm Z axis 0.045mm 1500  0.050mm 2000  0.060mm 3000  0.080mm 5000/8000 Repeatability accuracyX axis 0.012mm Z axis 0.020mm 1500 0.025mm 2000 3000 5000 8000 Main motorYAKISAWA 30kw (frequency conversion motor) 4 steps(stepless in each range) CNC SystemFanuc 0i mate TD Total power125A, 380V 50Hz, 3phases, 5 wires 2, Main purchase parts list No.ItemSpecificationSupplier 1NC controlSINUMERIK 802D SL S2SIEMENS 2X/Z axes servo motor1FK7100-18N.m/ 1FK7101-20N.mSIEMENS 3Main motorYP-50-30-4SENLIMA Shanghai 4Frequency converterCIMR-G7A4030YASKAWA 5Ball screw of X axis Φ4010Nanjing Gongyi 6Ball screw of Z axis Φ8010 Nanjing Gongyi 7Four position electrical tool postAK23320Huanqiu Yantai 8Spindle bearingC3182126NSK C3182140MNSK C8134NSK 9Centrailzed lubrication unitXiangshan China 10Electrical parts in the cabinetCEABB or Schneider 3, Machine standard accessories and tool kits No.ItemSpec.Quantity 1Four jaw chuckΦ1000mm1 set 2Steady restΦ50~470mm1 set 3CenterM6; S77-12 pieces 4Spanner of four jaw chuck1 piece 5Foundation bolts and nut1 set 6Adjustable pad1 set 7Oil gun1 piece 8Tool kits1 set 5, Pictures lathe in our factory ------body of lathe -------body of lathe -------chuck of lathe ----Turret of lathe-conventional ------screw and third guideway -----open type steady rest ----carriage of lathe -----CNC system-not finished

D-F CKF61100
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