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D-F Horizontal Lathe Models CF61220H/5000 (86-5/8” swing over bed-ways – 72.85” over cross slide). Bed-ways width 1,100mm (43-5/16”). Max. work-piece load: 18 tons. Load capacity of CF61220H is 18 tons from center to center. With open type steady rest, the machine can handle 20 tons.

Swing Over Cross Slide72.85"

Specifications Main Specifications CF61125H CF61140H CF61160H CF61180H CF61220H Swing Dia. over bed 1250mm 1400mm 1600mm 1800mm 2200mm Swing Dia. over toolpost 880mm 1050mm 1250mm 1450mm 1850mm Max. Weight of workpieces 18 ton (between centers) Max. Length of workpieces Can choose accordingly Width of the machine bed 1100mm Speed of spindle 3-136 rpm ,12steps Max. Torque 2700kgm Section of tool shank 45×45mm Spindle diameter 240mm(front) Spindle nose A2-15 A2-20 Spindle taper Metric 140 Diameter of spindle hole 100mm Traverse of top tool post 300mm Traverse of toolpost-X axis 650mm 750mm 850mm 950mm 1050mm Toolpost rapid travel speed in Z axis 3800mm/min Toolpost rapid travel speed in X axis 1900mm/min Toolpost feeding steps 48 Toolpost feeding range Z axis-Longitudinal: 0.057-12.726mm/r X axis-Cross: 0.023-5.296mm/r Tailstock sleeve diameter 260mm Self-rotating spindle centers are equipped inside Tailstock sleeve diameter taper 80; 1:7 Tailstock sleeve traverse 250mm The number of threads Metric 46 Range 1-224mm BSP 46 28-1 Tooth/inch Module 37 0.25-56mm Main motor power 30kw Close type steady rest ϕ200-550mm Φ550-800mm Headstock The spindle, with its 240mm front diameter, has the feature of high rigidity and high accuracy. The spindle bearings in the spindle box of the machine all adopt Japanese KOYO-P5 or the domestic famous brand products with D grade. The three-supporting structure has endowed the spindle with the characteristics of high rigidity, high strength, high accuracy as well as high stability. Besides adopting hydraulic braking system to compensate for the abrasion, the spindle is fairly effective with the integration of hydraulic system and lubrication function. Heat-scattering measures are added in the spindle box who also adopts bath lubrication. Bearings of spindle have been pre-tensioned and all gears in the box have undergone quenching-grinding process to ensure high rotating accuracy and low noise. Rotating speed: 3-136 rpm, 12 steps; motor power: 30 KW, 4p motor. Machine bed: Due to the mixing arrangement of V-flat guideways, the machine bed is endowed with an excellent technology. With 1100mm in width, 710mm in height, and box shape canting pull plate structure of high rigidity, the bed has a great feature of stability and bearing capacity. Moreover, the entire bed is in a casting structure and reasonable stiffened plate arrangement internally. The guideways adopt the middle frequency quenching-grinding process which makes them have a very good hardness. Technological measures will be taken, such as sticking crawl-preventing guideway plate on the surface of slide guideways to make the dynamic features such as rigidity of feed system and friction damping coefficient be in their best status, thus avoiding occurrence of low speed crawl. Feed box & Slide box The boxes are driven by electromagnetic clutches of simple structure and high reliability, which makes it very convenient for maintenance. Meanwhile, the cross handle switches also provide us a compatible operation. Tool rest of the saddle For each series, it is endowed with the function of automatic feed. With the structure of double layer compound rest whose diameter is over 1400mm, it can easily realized the longitudinal and cross feed. The four-working-position rest can rapidly change tools and clamps them accordingly. Tailstock The tailstock adopts a structure with high bearing capacity, and the handles equipped on the side are very easy for operation. There are also active centers inside. Besides the feature of high rigidity and rotating accuracy, the tailstock is equipped with rotating and fixing conversion devices. The motor-driven tailstock, whose sleeve diameter is 240mm and stroke is 250mm, also has the backward preventing security mechanism and sleeve force-measuring mechanism. Hydraulic system The system can be effectively and rapidly performed with hydraulic braking. For lubrication, it is the same system used in machine head. Main hydraulic elements are all produced by Taiwan COMPASS of good quality and high working reliability. Cooling and chip disposing system The standard configuration of the machine will adopts chip pan for chip disposal. The cooling box will be separated from the main set to avoid the machine accuracy being affected by heat caused by cutting. The system will adopt home-made cooling pump, and the cooling box will be installed in trench.

D-F Horizontal Lathe Models CF61220H/5000 (86-5/8” swing over bed-ways – 72.85” over cross slide). Max. work-piece load: 18 ton

D-F Horizontal Lathe Models CF61220H/5000 (86-5/8” swing over bed-ways – 72.85” over cross slide). Max. work-piece load: 18 ton
Lathes, Engine